Testing, testing testing

Teachers keep saying it, UNESCO said it, now a comprehensive survey report says our kids are being tested out of sight, or as the Independent (1/2/2008) has it “tested to destruction”.
As a teacher I felt disempowered. When I was a member of New Labour I was disempowered by a lunatic bunch who had all the answers and glory in their power to wreak havoc wherever they tread.
Education is a process of learning by discovery, not imposition of facts and figures. It bores children, it bores teachers rigid. A good recipe for education which Blair emphasised as so important. New Labour is full of …bl..ah. Blair (gone or has he?), Blears, Blunkett. All have blurred vision. Seven year olds everywhere else learn through play and adventure not ny being tied down to their desks to swot for tests, and tests and more tests. SATs at 7, 11 and 14 are being reconsidered, to do away with tests? Oh no, the proposals are for more tests every year. The model I suppose was USA again where they face similar problems from a similar idiot called Bush.

All the evidence is there. Increasing incidence of depression among 7 year olds. Unbelievable. It it;s New Labour you better believe it. Prisons stuffed full of unhappy people with unhappy childhood experiences.

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