Deaths of US soldiers at their own hands rises dramatically

The effects of war on men and women is well known, highlighted in the cases of those British soldiers “shot at dawn” because they suffered shell shock. Unsurprisingly it is having a devastating effect on American troops as the Washington Post reports.
British sources seem to be very quiet on the matter. Deaths in custody have become the subject of much debate – with little apparent effect on government with Blunkett marching off to South Africa to find yet more inhumane ways of incarcerating more and more people. New Labour presides over an increasingly uncaring, inhumane society. We thought the Tories were bad!

Despite protest governments insist on continuing wars. The American way of solving problems is to pour tons of bombs down on “terrorists” killing thousands of innocent civilians in the process. Britain joined them under the Christian Mr Blair (now he wants to be European President, Sacre Bleu! ) Lots of desperate people emerge from the mess created by these careless administrations. So crime spirals, prisons get bigger and Mr Blunkett is happy. SOS.

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