Waiting to die in Gaza

It appears there is nothing in the way of the Israeli government doing just as it pleases so that the seriously injured in Gaza cannot be saved if emergency power fails. The population is being punished. They are punished because they upheld their democratic right and voted for a group which displeased the Israeli government, the US government, the British government all of whom yell and bawl “democracy”. They keep preaching, but not practicing, as they parade their religiosity and maintain their “holiness”.
Al Jazeera reports that Israel has allowed relief supplies as “a temporary measure” but how far this will be effective for the poor and the sick remains to be seen. PNN reports the death of five people due to the cuts to supplies.

The Jerusalem Post debates “what exactly is a ‘humanitarian crisis’ “. Does this suggest that world wide expressions of revulsion may have some effect? Tomorrow (23rd January) we here in Birmingham UK will hold one of many candle-lit vigils for Gaza.

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