Death Row U.K. style

The Birmingham Post has highlighted a massive rise in suicide in British jails during 2007.
“There were a total of 92 “self-inflicted deaths” in 2007, including 84 males, eight females, seven male young offenders (under 21) and one juvenile.
The total also included 23 foreign nationals, 18 prisoners sentenced to life, and 41 prisoners on remand.”
Source Birmingham Post 2.1.2008.
The issue appeared to be under some control after a decreasing number were reported over recent years, but numbers have always been too high for comfort. The government’s answer? Build more prisons – super jails based on David Blunkett’s journey to South Africa. These warehouses will be just the thing. No humanity here. More New Labour. Just what we expected from the Tories in the past, who we finally got rid of. They couldn’t hold a candle to New Labour’s “achievement”.

The huge numbers of people on remand killing themselves ought to be telling us something. Seems there are a lot of desperate people out there, particularly as safety nets are taken away and vulnerable people are left destitute without hope. Again there are 23 foreign nationals. And the figures don’t include a larger number who attempted to take their lives.
Life has become very cheap as conflict continues abroad. Death and destruction with British involvement. Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine…..
Time for changes in policy. Yes policies which put people first, particularly those who find themselves in the most vulnerable in society. Now Labour has become more Tory than Tory there are no clear alternatives.
This is why so many of us have joined smaller groups since the prospect of reform or reclamation has diminished. On New Year’s Day a number of smaller groups came together to say that what was happening to a local Birmingham hospital was unacceptable. We badly need the new bus, not the old one with a different driver!

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