Terrorists don’t eat fish and chips – according to Liam Byrne

Liam Byrne has been around making fatuous comments about being British. More crap from New Labour. Our identity according to Byrne is measured on our liking for fish and chip and cups of tea. So if you’re “a terrorist” then supposedly you don’t like these things.
The facile equation between being “un-British” and involved in dangerous activities likely to cause harm was exposed ages ago. It is very well known that this led to the least suspected – those who had adopted a British way of life – were overlooked as suspects. The case of an off-duty police officer in Muslim dress was the cause of a comment by his colleague when he commented that “he looked like a terrorist”. Byrne appears oblivious to the problem.

A Muslim friend told me “I always thought I was British” and it came as a profound shock when some idiot like Byrne suggested that she wasn’t. New Labour has contributed to the alienation of many people. It has huge Muslim support at one time which was lost when Britain became involved in wars which were killing Muslim people in huge numbers. Did people like Liam Byrne notice? Did they even care? Norman Tebbitt’s “cricket test” was once laughed out of court, but under New Labour, like Tory policy, it has become the norm. You even have to take such a vacuous test before you can consider yourself British, something I failed!

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