Gigantic super prisons for the UK. “It’s not like Alcatraz” says Straw

When Channel 4 News announced that the government was proposing 3 “super prisons” to take 25,000 prisoners each I believed it, ‘cos it’s the kind of bloody stupid thing New Labour would do. No, it’s 2,500 each with a projected prison total exceeding 100,000 before long. Jack Straw was full of humanitarian warmth and kindness about it all. The prisons would be humanitarian (not at all like we’ve got now then) and inmates will be lovingly and tenderly cared for. But it’s humanitarian for those outside to since there won’t be anybody left outside to mug them. See? Jack you’re amazing, just see how far you’ve come since you were President of the NUS. How much further can you go?
Who else is lurking in the background? Having just written the above I look at the Independent-on-line. Amazing discovery. Where did the “super prison” idea come from? David Blunkett and South Afrixa, I’ll be taking a closer look at that haven. Did he visit Robben Island? Is that on the agenda? Nothing would surprise me when this lot’s let loose running the country. Serially discredited they creep back again and again. No one can tell them anything! New Labour, New Conservative. Blunkett a socialist? What happened?
The Real Prison Numbers Scandal. Independent 6/12/2007
Blunkett and the Mission to South Africa

Anyway enough from me and over to Pauline Campbell. She knows a bit about prisons and how good they are for you since she’s taken part in quite a few demonstrations highlighting the remarkably high number of deaths of women incarcerated. Pauline sent this for those interested. Jack, you watching? There’s a whole selection of videos about prisons showing just how humane the system is. By the way is there a section for those wearing the veil?
BBC Online News
Tuesday 4 December 2007
“Prison inquest jury retires”
Go to: “Prison inquest jury retires” and click on Video, then more results from BBC audio and video.
* includes footage of prison-death demonstration held on 31 August 2007 to protest against the death of Louise Giles, aged 20, who died in the care of HMP Durham on 21 August 2005
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