Cluster bombs are OK under Brown

According to Al Jazeera (6/12/2007) the UK has no plans to discontinue cluster bombs, declared “immoral” by many. The UK got its last consignment from Israel. Given that they are still going off maiming civilians, including children in the Lebanon, they are a significant threat.
Anyway the government spokesperson has said that they have a mechanism for self-destruction, but there are counterclaims that this is not effective. We’re told that Israeli cluster bombs are more reliable than the US manufactured ones – that is in the sense they fail to go off when dropped. The US senate admitted the high failure rate and the dangers. However there needs to be a ban on the bloody lot of these evil devices.

One wonders if anyone in New Labour has any morals left, or any trace of humanity. It joins with all the other major parties in being in thrall to the demands of capitalist enterprise.

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