A bit of sense has entered the frame

At last I have heard something I can applaud unreservedly from this beleaguered government. Suddenly out of nowhere John Hutton has announced a programme of wind farms sufficient to provide for our domestic heating needs.
The advanced state of climate change that we now know is with us, not at some distant point, has to be tackled with a complete change of thinking. I was beginning to think that those wedded to the present system were quite incapable of doing that. Of course the thinking has to be replicated over and over in what we all do. Good public transport across the UK, not just in th South East where billions are spent against a pittance elsewhere. Opportunities to share personal transport and build vehicles on alternative fuels. Stop the destruction of rain forests. (We hear the area is expanding appropriate for rain forests, but it was said that was a bad sign. Why necessarily?) Solar panels and underground heat exchangers also provide alternatives. Are all our eggs going to be in one basket, even without resort to nuclear fuel?

The Force (technology and no-how) is with us. but is the will? Many announcements are made and then we find we are falling hopelessly short of targets as Kyoto has shown. There’s more hot air from politicians than action. Now if that could be harnessed. Time to be serious.

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