25% of those asked didn’t know where Jesus was born

There was consternation when the question was asked “Where was Jesus born?” and a quarter of the sample didn’t know. I wonder, though, how many of the remaining 75% know that the birth place is surrounded by walls and barbed wire, its inhabitants imprisoned?
Israel continues to enjoy lavish support from a neo-conservative American government, and from the British government which licensed the sale of £22.5m worth of arms in 2005.
It has become clear that the UK will go to any lengths to trade arms and unnecessary defense systems anywhere it can. Cluster bombs are on the menu.

While talking about the arms trade I came upon this snippet of information. I did know Jesus was born in Bethlehem, and I’ve been reading about a pending break away of Kosovo from Serbia to form an independent state.
According to a member of the Russian upper house Kosovo is a leading centre for gun running, people trafficking – you name it. What’s more its independence has US support. Didn’t know, hands up!
Seems to me that while there are things which happened long ago we should know about, there are things going on round us which we do need to be made aware of. The politicians involved in a lot of it are supposedly democratically elected so in theory it’s in the hands of voters. Problem is the selection of our representatives is increasingly rigged by unelected and invisible paid workers who act as shields for those in power. Corruption and immorality are alive and doing fine.

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