The glorification of war

Today we remember the dead. Problem is the official version will paste over the reality to give going to war an acceptable face. Both The Independent and the Observer report the appalling record of the MoD in the conduct of unnecessary conflicts.
1. There are 88 recorded instances where personnel have died as a result of inadequacies in protection.
2. Badly wounded soldiers have been excluded from today’s remembrance parade at the Cenotaph in London on the grounds that a “serving soldiers are not allowed to take part” policy is in force.
3. A further report shows that troops are stretched to the limit in Afghanistan.

All this begs the question of the killed wounded and traumatized of Iraq and Afghanistan. The “War on Terror” is an American fiction which has caused untold misery and suffering, damaging irreplaceable treasures of the past from ancient civilizations. Today’s stage managed events are to try to make acceptable that which is grotesque and evil, not the actions of some distant “terrorist” but those of the state itself. This is history repeating itself perhaps, but socialism is supposed to behave differently. This is a word that New Labour dispensed with early on. The result of this are only too apparent.

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