New Labour’s officers are out of control

It’s been obvious to us for a long long time that New Labour’s officers have been running out of control. Ian Reilly, West Midlands Regional Organizer and co. have been indulging themselves with all sorts of scams which always come to grief. They at the very least turned a blind eye to postal vote fraud – they’re still in denial – and lost 6 councillors from Birmingham’s then ruling Labour group, so they have a lot to answer for Labour losing control. The guy they let into the new Handsworth Wood Ward they quickly found was as bad as we had been saying he was, so when they told him he couldn’t stand again he promptly decamped to the Tories. So the safest Labour seat in Birmingham had a Tory councillor thanks to Mr Reilly. And he’s still there. Of course he’ll remain there ‘cos New Labour’s got bigger fish to fry. Ian you’re bloody useless, but carry on. I don’t care any longer because I’m out of New Labour.
But oh dear me, Gordon Brown is finding Tony’s legacy the hard way. Perhaps he (Blair) set the time bombs purposely so they’d be going off like unexploded cluster bombs in the Lebanon for some time to come. Nice one Tony.

I really don’t believe that Brown knew about these matters and he shouldn’t be even attempting to cover for his aides who have seriously mislead him. It is becoming clearer and clearer that he himself has appointed those tainted by the culture engendered during the long Blair years – and it’s going to be a long messy job to unravel.

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