Michelle takes the stage

The campaign in Iowa appears to have been enlivened since Michelle Obama has taken the stage endorsing her husband, Barack. Her way of taking him apart recalling her reaction when they first met. “I mean we had nothing in common. He was born in Hawaii. Who is born in Hawaii?” and “Barack Obama, what kind-a-name is that?”
Iowa is the first state to nominate for the Democrats so it has its own importance, and Barack Obama has faded since is dramatic entry into US politics. The common sentiment is that “America isn’t ready for a black president”. Is it ready for a woman president? Is it ready for any kind of progressive president given the succession of dubious men on the far right?

Anyway looks as if Michelle is a personality in her own right and after initial doubts about wanting to be involved – she has her own career and a family to consider – she has taken the plunge. And it appears to be going down well, engaging the crowds with a gentle humour that appeals. Clearly it could have an effect on women’s votes which is one of Clinton’s strengths. It gets interesting.

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