Becoming part of the story

As journalism goes this appears informative. The revelation of Iraq “as it is” was something he tried to reveal with the young marine he recorded becoming a national symbol of all that’s good about America under pressure. Now the sequel. There’s so much about the subject but I found I wanted to read this. Not clear why. It’s another example of PTSD, it’s effects on the individual (my question: who wouldn’t suffer from it given the experience if they admitted to being half-human or less). Still it goes on at the behest of Bush, Blair now Brown. The great neo-con lie has taken hold. Image is everything. Miller the Great Warrior has been dismissed from the army. Thanks a bundle. At the Cenotaph ceremony this year severely injured young men wanted to try to dispel the nightmare of their encounters with the unimaginable, their own suffering and loss. Sorry guys you can’t come to the party. There’s a rule see, you’re still a serving soldier. Anyway we don’t want people to see the consequences of what we’re doing for no reason (well you all know the reason). Memories are of the “glorious dead”, continuing empire and world power are our delusions.

The journalist caught up with his story to find himself drawn into it:
” ‘Miller talked about killing the enemy’.
‘To try to live with that… how do you justify it, regardless of what your causes are or what their causes are?’ he said. ‘To see somebody in your sights and to pull that trigger, it’s almost like you’re with them, seeing their life flash before their eyes as well as taking it. It’s an insane connection that you make with that person at that point.’ “

Meanwhile back at the ranch there are mutterings from the High Command in the British army with warnings, not the first, that troops in two theatres of war are over stretched. Is there any one out there in New Labour to listen? Not bloody likely.

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