US held British troops down in Basra

It seemed to me that if the UK had any idea of pulling out of Iraq others would think differently. A report in the Independent (16/10/2007) says just that, and during this period they had to face the bitterest fighting they had endured.
“The US warned that a brigade of troops would be sent from Baghdad to take “appropriate action” to maintain security. The delay in withdrawal resulted in some of the fiercest fighting faced by British forces since the invasion of 2003, leading to the deaths of 25 British soldiers and injuries to 58 others, as well as dozens of Iraqi casualties. Two of the British dead were at the base, Basra Palace, while at least 10 others died in supporting operations.” Source The Independent 16.10.2007.
As the report points out the consequence was the loss of more British lives.

While an ex-general describes Iraq as “a nightmare” for US there are obviously those who don’t see it in those terms since war and conflict provides rich pickings for influential groups. In that light the soldier’s remarks are irrelevant.

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