Olive Farming in Palestine

Al Jazeera shows the reality for the olive farmer of Palestine. The fight for confiscated land goes on as illegal settlers continue to get support from the Israeli authorities.
While violent action repeatedly captures the headlines, the non-violent action resistance to the aggressive attacks by illegal settlers goes on without comment.
The olive harvest is key to sustaining the Palestinian economy. Support is given by international volunteers who have done much to ensure right of access to Palestinian property is upheld.
The Israeli army is supposed to protect Palestinian farmers from attack and legislation put forward to strengthen their position. However army personnel use tactics such as demanding permits and “co-operation”, and placing impossible obstacles in the way.

Active support is being given to fair trade ensuring not only that olive oil and other products are acquired from Palestinian sources, but packaging and other parts of the process benefit the Palestinian economy. A bottle of Palestinian olive oil would make an excellent gift for Christmas or other festive occasions!

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