Farepak. A year on the struggle continues

I received the following e-mail from SLP in Scotland:
“As the first anniversary of the Farepak disaster approaches, SLP member and Chair of the Farepak Victims Committee (FVC), Louise McDaid, interviewed on BBC News 24 tonight, (Saturday), stressed that the fight for justice for the thousands of working class people affected by the Farepak collapse is continuing.
Louise asked for the Labour government to show consistency when she compared the struggle of the FVC with the government’s attitude to the recent Nothern Rock crisis, and then sounded a warning because Farepak is now in administration and the administrators costs from January to October are £300,000, a sum that will come out of the victims own money!
Although not a penny has yet been returned to thousands of Farepak’s victims the FVC are determined to fight on until justice is done.
For background to the Farepak collapse and the struggle of the FVC, please see the SLP national website which has a separate section on Farepak.
Also – Crime and Justice Foundation (an organisational offshoot of Kings’ College London) have produced a report influenced by the FVC that is to be launched soon. The director of said organisation is keen for Louise to attend the press launch in London. According to him interest is so high that for the first time ever they have had to break their own press release embargo.”

(Report from SLP Scotland).

I thought I’d take a look at New Labour’s response and yes there they were, two very familiar figures whoi had a slight hand in the Northern Rock affair. Who do you think this describes?
…”the bulky figure who waddled on stage with the Farepak fiasco wasn’t Scrooge, who came good in the end, but Bumble the Beadle, incompetence and “old corruption” personified.”
To check it out look right here.

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