Airline refuses to co-operate with enforced removals

I find it heartening to find that an airline is refusing to play a part in enforcing removals of those who have probably endured endless catastrophe in their lives. Gordon Brown spent his time prior to his elevation going round the world proclaiming the need to help the poor. We had hoped for better following the abject record of his predecessor who is now now has a job of sorting out problems of the dispossessed in Palestine.
After Blackwater and Haliburton it is heartening to find a business which won’t put people before its corporate interests. While no one expects businesses to do this governments are supposed to look after their peoples. Burma, Israel and others with depressing records on human rights? Have no expectation of the UK either. Tax payers’ money goes into paying for privatisation, never cheap, and propping up now even the banks. But who came to the rescue of the savers who lost out when Farepak went to the wall?

Expectations of New Labour and Brown. It was tempting for a while to think things might improve, but as a comrfade in the SLP, Ian Johnson, said to me “it’s the same old bus” – just a different driver. And it will be whether there’s a general election or not. Clearly the electorate don’t know which way to turn since what’s on offer is scarcely discernible. The promise of minor tax concessions makes them jump. With the effects of global warming clearly with us a clear lead on this would be more encouraging. Since the global economy is on the treadmill to our extinction and all the parties support the amassing of capital then there’s little prospect of real change. (I understand from a report today that a majority put global warming way down the list of their worries with terrorism at the top. So the US and UK governments have their way by frightening us witless!)

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