Going in deeper and deeper

The news that British troops have been deployed on the border with Iran at the behest of the U.S. looks like bad news. If we thought that we were on the verge of a change of direction following Blair’s demise then we need to review that idea. Others have different ideas that will draw us in deeper and deeper in never ending conflict. Looks like Brown now faces some difficult choices.
“The mission will include the King’s Royal Hussars battle group, 250 of whom were told at the weekend that they would be returning to the UK as part of a drawdown of forces in Iraq.” Source The Independent 11/9/2007.
How the Americans have painted a picture for home consumption that the surge has worked has to be seen. A climate of fear has been engendered designed to make the unwilling accept the necessity of the unacceptable. Clearly many senators have expressed deep concern, but this “lame duck” president still has lots of power. Lot of power through friends in organisations which are profiting hugely from America’s wars. So this is what Brown meant when he told Bush “we share the same values”.

Brown’s values were on display at the TUC conference where his Thatcherite message reminded low paid workers that they are undercut by low wage economies globally. He does not remind his city friends to tighten their belts as the rich become wealthier. This is New Labour and I’m glad to be done with it. Blair – Brown spot the difference.
For some reason there is a belief that if the war in Iraq is one big mistake then we can concentrate on that in Afghanistan. Commentators on the ground suggest that this is not so. It is also bloody and deadly game which affects the civilian population and drives more and more into the so-called “terrorist” cause. In neither case is war the answer, but it goes on. It has to because it serves powerful interests which we hope one day a leader may stand up to. No sign of that happening in the U.S. Republican/Democratic contest. No sign from Tory, Lib-Dem, New Labour in U.K. A;; drive the same bus!

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