Floods hit Africa, but go unreported

Turning to Al Jazeera I was amazed to read about serious floods affecting “large swathes” of Africa with the heaviest rain in 35 years. The effects on the population is very serious:
“International aid agencies are calling for more help as floods continues to devastate large swathes of Africa.
Dozens have died and an estimated one million people affected by the prolonged rains.
In the east of the continent, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Uganda are the worst hit countries, with at least 87 people dead.
Sudan, Kenya and Rwanda have also been affected.”
(source Al Jazeera 15.9.2007.
Reuters on the other hand report on flooding in West Africa. So what’s going on? Shows just how selective the daily digest brought to us is!
The British press is taken up with the story of the Northern Rock crisis when the inevitable consequences of capitalism have come home to roost. It’s not even on thne BBC News front page. So what of the significance of news from a continent, which least pollutes the planet, taking the consequences of the over-industrialised part?

Ah, yes here it is. If you bother to go to Africa news from the BBC here we have it. Does it read as a minor occurence of little consequence? Hardly, but there you go, we’re talking about Africa.

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