Tired and exhausted

The effects pf “the surge” in Iraq on those charged with carrying out the will of the beleaguered Bush are dire. More and more are deserting according to a report in the Observer (11/8/2007).
War destroys people in more ways than the obvious. It also encourages opportunists to cash in on people’s misery. Another story tells of a Polish pizza parlour owner going into business b trading arms from Bosnia to Iraq. It seems as if a British based firm is involved. Just who is involved in the arms business is an interesting question (any British MPs operating in the Middle East?) but we know of one in high places who is. Dick Cheney is involved with Haliburton, just one of the big corporations with access to the power base who are making it big in the theatres of war.

British organisations representing service personnel and ex-soldiers are raising questions about the poor level of protection and low-levels of after care, saying that military staff who risk their lives are being failed.
As far as I’m concerned armis shouldn’t be out in Iraq or Afghanistan in the first place, but the least that those who decide the deployment of armies should consider levels of protection and be prepared for the consequences of armed struggle. The decision to go into the killing fields is highly immoral, although those who do so often invoke divine inspiration (both Bush and Blair have done so). Be sure they are scoundrels! That so little consideration has been given to the consequences of their action amply demonstrates the point.
How war dehumanises its perpetrators as its victims.
and it gets worse. So how long can Brown continue to bury his head in the sand?

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