The good news is Cheney’s furious.

The good news in Baghdad isn’t that “the surge” is working, rather it’s that the government has gone into recess without passing the oil law, the “benchmark” that Washington is looking for before troops are withdrawn. Cheney, he’s furious.
As for those who have been involved in the conflict the news continues to be not so good with another report on the effects of the combat on peoples’ minds and lives.
Meanwhile the press were looking closely at Brown during his first meeting with the U.S. President noting every twitch, body language innuendo to see how the chemistry worked with George W. Problem is we now know who is running America. It was supposed to be significant that Gordon didn’t bump into Dick, supposedly recovering from an operation. If he (Cheney)’s the big player what was the point of meeting George anyway?

Meanwhile the battle continues with a daily litany of hundreds dead and witnesses reduced to gibbering heaps from what they saw and did.
All Gordon could say to George was “we share your values”. Excuse me.

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