Sarkozy’s bigotry to the fore

We knew Nicolas Sarkozy from the days as Interior Minister he dealt with African migrants. Now he reveals the depths of his ignorance by claiming “African’s haven’t entered history”. From Nubia and Egypt on Africans have been ahead of the game. For profoundly racist reasons Africa’s history has been ruthlessly suppressed just like its people.
In Zimbabwe I saw African history for myself, although Europeans, still dreaming of Ian Smith, continue to be in a state of denial. (At one time in Southern Rhodesia it was unlawful to claim that the stone buildings were the work of Africans). What is most alarming is that Thabo Mbeki, South Africa’s President, should give him credibility.
That Sarkozy is enjoying popularity in France at the moment is a matter for deep concern and is a sign of a deeply divided country moving to the right. Once Thatcher was that but eventually people saw through her. Once Tony Blair was like that and now people have seen him for what he is. Gordon Brown needs not only to distance himself with the right wing views of George Bush, he needs to likewise from the deeply racist and ignorant Sarkozy.

Sarkozy also believes that France didn’t exploit Africa. This is not the view put across in films from African cinema. No less than other European nations France has participated in the carve-up of Africa after the Berlin Conference at the end of the nineteenth century. It is under such beliefs that domination of nations continues since Sarkozy can justify to himself and half of France that what is being done is good and just. Spare a thought for Nick though ‘cos he’s got his own problems.

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