Des Browne says….

The expected trite statements follow the news that three more British service people have been killed. On this occasion Afghanistan. “Friendly fire” they say. Never mind they are dead so Des Browne says ….. Whatever it is its not worth repeating, Des Browne never is. Just one more New Labourite dead from the neck upwards.
We are getting tit bits of information that troops will be out of Basra before long. Too late for some. A number more have died since Gordon Brown has taken over. How many more before that’s sorted?
Meanwhile Bush is pumping, pumping arms as fast as the factories can churn out the agents of death. Whose names do these have written on them? Presumably not George W. Are these the values we shaer with our American friends and allies Gordon Brown? Accoriding to the Independent 600,000 more Iraqis have fled their home since “the surge”.
When I was a member of the Labour Party I thought I would be glad when Blair eventually stood aside, as I had been when I and many others fought for a Labour victory. New Labour intervened and Labour was hijacked.

Like global warming big business interests is disinterested whether war continues or not. This is at best since the wars are giving rich dividends to shareholders in those companies involved, Dick Cheney, Uncle Tom Cobley and all. Democrat or Republic, Labour or Tory all are driven by the same interests. For all the talk of humanity the driving forces are inhumane. Communist diatribe? Hardly. You cannot worship God and mammon someone once said. Don’t think it was Karl Marx. Bush and Blair particularly claim divine guidance. Brown hasn’t been so mealy mouthed although his roots are well known.
In U.K. a handful of politicians are noting events in Venezuela including Benn, Livingstone, Scargill and Galloway. Unfortunately all are scattered to the wind in diverse parties. While Tories, Lib-Dems, New Labour are united under the banner of capital, the alternative is a bit fragmented. This was so in Russia in 1917, and it was so in Germany during the thirties. Latin American politics has become interesting if we can cut through the lies and misrepresentations of the institutions presently dominating world politics.

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