The Zimbabwean predicament.

Some left wing comment supports Mugabe as a victim of international capitalism conspiring against him. In view of reports such as this from Al Jazeera I don’t find such a simplistic response at all realistic.
As I have tried to show in a number of entries regarding African countries (although exploitation of multinationals joined by the Chinese doesn’t begin and end there.
My stay in Zimbabwe was with people who remain privileged compared to the indigenous population. They have resources from abroad which actually become more valuable, certainly within a burgeoning black market so they can survive and provide employment for a few. Some 80% remain unemployed.

According to the Washington Post the effects of inflation has led unintentionally to a drop in HIV infections compared with neighbouring Botswana, enjoying a huge boom from diamonds, and Mozambique. Simply put men can’t afford to keep girl friends and families any more.

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