The injured. The statistics.

Going to war has a price. Added up it must be colossal, but much of the price just isn’t counted. Injuries to personnel are expected beforehand, but according to a report in The Independent (15/7/2007) the long term care of those injured physically and mentally is unprepared. In 2007 injuries are increasing. Advances in treatment in the field have improved so more serously injured survive.
The more revelations about what is going on the more revulsion, the more futility is revealed. As combatants reveal their feelings and report on the reality the more the case is made for stopping it Now. In America the surge goes on with Bush increasingly embattled as members of his own party cross the floor with the Democrats. In U.K. the Great and the Good have meet to decide what should be done. It’s the “Iraq Commission” No can’t cut and run. Can’t give a timetable either.

Baghdad Burning stopped on 26th April presumably because its author and family joined the millions of Iraqis who have fled to Jordan, Syria or where ever. Iraq Today is a successor to Today in Iraq. No one has a clue how to end the misery, the devastation that people face day by day. None of this is front page news. It is when bombs are found in London and Glasgow. Thankfully, apart from the driver of the vehicle in Glasgow, no casualties.
People have become aware of Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay, but according to one combatant the whole war is like that. We can sit and debate endlessly far removed from the situation. Iraq and, even further off, Afghanistan continue without an end in sight. Halliburton, Blackwater et al continue to count the cash as it rolls in.
Wll we’ve got a new driver, but what we need is a new bus.

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