Prisoner 345

Muslims are remembering a cameraman working for al Jazeera who was arrested on his way into Afghanistan. He had a legitimate visa but is being held as an “enemy combatant”. So it appears that the Muslim world feels that any one of them is fair game to fit into the label “terrorist”. Family and friends are working for his release.
The article in Al Jazeera contains a poem from Sami Al-Hajj which speaks of the humiliation of his incarceration.
This poem is an excerpt from an article which appeared in the Independent on June 21, 2007.
Humiliated In The Shackles
By Sami al Hajj
When I heard pigeons cooing in the trees,
Hot tears covered my face.
When the lark chirped, my thoughts composed
A message for my son.
Mohammad, I am afflicted.
In my despair, I have no one but Allah for comfort.

Life becomes very dangerous it seems if you don’t communicate in English in the dominant and arrogant culture we have created in the western world. If you use another language the ignorant assumption is that there is something amiss. You will be using the alien language as a means of attacking the whole sacred edifice. It has to be stamped out by all means. 7/11 merely confirmed this as the mantra “war on terror” succeeded in terrorising us all. Their cause is high, they are protecting us!
What they are protecting is vested interest as the multinationals gleefully count the profits derived from a view that the entire world is there at their disposal to plunder. Oil in the Middle East, precious gems and rare wood in African countries. Not only here though, anywhere else that can be exploited. The “First Nation” in Canada suffer too!

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