Afghanistan. More civilian deaths

Already there have been protests about the excessive and indiscriminate use of force resulting in the death of civilians. Men, women, children. Now there are said to be around 80 more casualties as a result of the U.S. bombing of a village in the British run Helmand province. This was prompted by an attack by the Taliban on a U.S. convoy.
It seems that any provocation will result in a violent response. Perhaps the enemy realise this since the oft-stated need to win the “battle of hearts and minds” vanishes like water in sand. I would think that British troops in the province are now going to face an even tougher time as a result.

The incidents of car bombs in London and Glasgow have similarities to those in Baghdad. Would this have happened without British foreign policy and attachment to a U.S. adventure dreamed up by the likes of Cheney? Brown has emphasised that he wants to see change in what has gone before but the terror attacks are likely to drive him into the same corner as his predecessor. Maybe that’s the intention. Fortunately death and injury have been averted so far for British people, but that cannot be said for the people of Afghanistan. Imagine how they feel. British Muslims who assumed and felt they were British have been made to question their identity and it has been ill-considered government policy and action which led to it. Let’s not dish out more of the same.

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