The man who helped capture Saddam

Another “war hero’s” story. One of those involved in the capture of Saddam Hussain, feted on his return to New York, is haunted by what he saw of war. Instead of revelling in his acclaimed actions he is forgotten and alone to carry his despair. The Washington Post (17/6/2007) has published yet another portrait of an unsuspected casualty of war.
Washington Post 18/6/2007.
Just who is benefiting from the mayhem. Just those who have shares in the big corporations dining on the fat commissions from government contracts. The cost of their good fortune cannot just be measured in dollars or pounds but in the grief and suffering of countless others whether America and allies or Iraqi.

The Observer (17/6/2007) reports on a Channel 4 documentary about Blair agreeing to send troops in spite of very deep reservations about the absence of a plan for the aftermath. Even his good friends like Peter Mandelson are joining in the revelations. Amid all this ghosts are coming out to haunt us as Margaret Thatcher and others gloat on another episode of death and destruction in the Falklands. Wasn’t this Blair’s inspiration?
But we’ve been here before many times. An Indian friend showed me a picture of the so-called “rebels” of 1857’s First War of Independence being tied to cannons. I have heard about this barbaric occurrence in British history but seeing the scene before the executions had a shocking effect. 2007 marks the 150th anniversary very much unforgotten particularly by members of the community that suffered brutality first hand.

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