The Great Oil Theft

A message to Iraqis from Citizens around the World:
“We support the Iraqi people’s sovereign right to the country’s oil. We reject the pressure campaign led by the Bush Administration and multi-national oil companies to force Iraqis to adopt this draft Oil Law, which risks conceding extraordinary rights over revenue and production to foreign corporations.
Iraq’s oil wealth should be shared fairly among all Iraqis to help them rebuild their country. We affirm the right and responsibility of Iraq’s national parliament to take the final decisions on this matter, and call on the US President and Congress to respect Iraq’s sovereignty. We stand in solidarity with Iraqi leaders who oppose this unwarranted foreign interference.”

Sign the Avaaz petition

The petition was sent by Avaaz who have been successful in collecting sufficient signatures to provide a voice on some key issues. As Avaaz says the law is bad enough to bring all feuding sides together so it deserves attention! Sign it and tell others about it.
“The Iraqi Parliament will soon vote on a US-backed law that could hand most oil production and revenue to foreign corporations.
A Sunni, Shia and Kurd Parliamentarian are planning to stand together and present this petition to the Iraqi Parliament. They want us to help them show that the world supports Iraq’s right to its own oil and its own future. Sign the petition to help us reach 100,000 signatures before they present it.”

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