Stop the bleeding of Bethlehem

From George Rishmawi
Greetings and Salaam from Palestine.
The Stop Bleeding of Bethlehem Campaign has a new Blog website. For more information with regarding Non Violent Direct actions in the Bethlehem area in Palestine please visit the site.
Below one can find links to videos showing what happened in Artas village during the past few days.
(Some links about uprooting trees failed to work and have been omitted, but those that do work are harrowing enough and make the point about the barbarity of Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine with their belief that they are entitled to act and do what they like. Time for an international outcry – many Jewish people share the outrage: see Jewish Voice for Peace. J.T.)

Here you find links to the attack on protesters on same Sunday afternoon.
Finally is the link to the shooting at journalists and nonviolent protesters on Monday May 21st . We are sorry for the quality of this one.

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