Service or profit?

As the supermarket chains hold more and more influence over us as consumers, what at the end of the day is the more important, the service they give us or the sustenance of huge profit? A Guardian report (22/5/2007) raised the question. What are the messages their staff are getting if they flout health standards in order to pass on out-of-date products or take short cuts in day to day practice?
Suppliers are also put forward for question with bins of dead maggot-infested carcasses next to live birds. We have already seen something of the Bernard Matthews operation where the practice of rearing live birds intensively is a pandemic waiting to happen. One of our leadership hopefuls, David Milliband, was at pains to blame wild birds and protect suspect business practice. New Labour’s priorities in practice.

Meanwhile Marks and Sparks announce a huge profit. The company is an avowed supporters of Zionism and the far-right Israeli state. Those who oppose include many Jewish people.

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