More rainforest devastation in the Congo

You and I might be worrying about global warming expecting a lead from our elected representatives. Worry we might but as long as international capitalism rules the roost there are no holds barred in continuing the rape of our precious planet and its resources for material gain. International companies are about to plunder large swathes of forest in the Congo.There is no concern about the effects on all of us (including the plunders themselves of course). In exchange for bags of salt and other commodities land the size of the UK has been acquired for logging by U.S. and European concerns. No one is telling the local chiefs of the value of the wood they are taking, or the effects on the environment.
It looks as if the World Bank is supporting the venture. It is African teak in the rain forest second only to Brazil which is of value. It is widely used for flooring. The link here is two years old but inspite of deep concerns expressed work has begun clearing the land.

The Guardian report states: According to the 100-page study, compiled by Greenpeace International working with Congolese ecological and human rights groups, if all the forests identified for logging are felled, it could “release” up to 34bn tonnes of carbon – nearly as much as Britain has emitted in 60 years.

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