So what’s the point in being a member of the Labour Party?

It’s the paid officers who now decide who will be a candidate at local and national elections. And look at the crap they’ve served up! Sandwell Ward used to be a place where you could have lively debate, have speakers, affiliate to radical organisations and invite dynamic speakers. Now we’ve had our balls cut off. Meetings are now informal until after the elections. So what’s the point? Paid officers presumable are paid by our subscriptions, so that’s all right then, we can pay our money over – now £36 per annum and keep quiet.
I was watching Question Time on Iraq last night and Des Browne was the government spokesperson. John Bolton was on line from America and the two did a double act. A far right – as far as you can get – mouthpiece of the discredited Bush administration and his poodle. Tony Benn spoke eloquently and passionately but all Bolton could do was dismiss his arguments with “Mr Benn is not worth replying to.”

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