New Labour at the trough

Today we learn that Blunkett, New Labour, has joined a firm tendering for an ID card contract. Not only do New Labour adherents trash the idea of socialism, they live it out their elitist philosophies in spades. Do you remember Philip Gould, another Blair acolyte who seemed to have dissolved away? Well he has been busy, very busy, helping Tesco to get planning applications over the whole of Britain, if not actually for it, in their back pocket.
Major’s government became notorious for its links with big business, but Blair’s circle is quite capable of matching this big time. I remember Lord Tom Sawyer, outspoken on NHS issues (and Blair incidentally), joined Reed Health who make a killing on supplying agency staff to the cash strapped NHS. These were not just nurses, but staff at all levels.

The list is quite long and includes the hallowed Robin Cook who was involved with the betting industry.
Our country appears to be plumbing the depths under the New Labour leadership, with a shameful report from Unicef about the nation’s young. With the example of the “great and the good”, is it any wonder?

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