Collision ahead

The two front runners of the Presidential campaign for the Democrats, Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, will both be in Selma, Alabama, site of a famous civil rights march in the sixties. Former President Bill Clinton will also be there says the Washington Post (2/3/2007). It’s the black vote they’re after. Bill Clinton is to receive a civil rights award which will be collected by Hillary.
Clearly Clinton does not intend to give way to Obama and it will be interesting to see the rel;ative support each candidate attracts.

The Jerusalem Post has picked up Obama on foreign policy (3/2/2007) warning on Iran’s nuclear ambitions. It appears he will tow a familiar line appeasing Israel without recognising the Palestinian struggle. Meanwhile in U.S. there is digging into Obama’s past – for generations. It turns out that the family on his mother’s side, a white woman from Kansas, were slave holders. With Clinton and and Obama contesting the black vote, how will that go down?

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