Challenging exploitation of Africa’s wealth

Just how dangerous it is to question what is happening to Africa’s wealth is demonstrated in the arrest of a British woman investigating human rights violations in Angola. On the one hand ruling elites are propped up by industrial giants prospect for oil and precious minerals, on the other the bulk of the population may be starving, suffering from preventable epidemics such as aids and lacking opportunities for education. Views of African people propagated in colonial times still abound fuelling racism and discrimination. Those like Mugabe know this, but still indulge themselves with the backing of Barclay’s Bank and now China.

Equatorial Guinea re-emerged in the news when Mark Thatcher‘s name (not one of those referred to in Thatcher and Sons!) was once more mentioned in court proceedings. This was just one more episode in a career which only came to prominence because his mother was Prime Minister. What is illustrates is that African countries are fair game for anyone with an eye for seeking profit whatever their track record. Sir Mark’s adventures are said to closely resemble the plot in the Frederick Forsyth novel “The Dogs of War”.

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