Birmingham Stop the War Coalition

Press Release: For immediate release 0030 hrs Tuesday 27th February
There was standing room only at the Birmingham Stop the War Coalition AGM with George Galloway MP on Monday night (26/02/07). The meeting elected a broad range of people from Roger McKenzie of Midlands TUC to former Labour Councillor John Tyrrell and RESPECT Councillor Salma Yaqoob to help lead Birmingham’s large anti-war movement.
George Galloway gave a powerful analysis on the disasters that are the wars on Iraq and Afghanistan. This is what Galloway cited as the main points from the meeting:
“The world’s mightiest superpower, poodle in tow, is being humbled by the weight of populations that refuse to be occupied. But rather than remove our sons and daughters from the death and destruction of war, Blair chooses to take our youth, conscripted by high unemployment and low wages, and shift them from one illegal, immoral, unwinnable conflict in Iraq to another illegal, immoral, unwinnable conflict in Afghanistan.
“Bush and Blair know they are beaten. Yet just like the Vietnam war, when the US chose to spread the killing to Cambodia before eventually scrambling defeated off embassy roofs, so today they stoke up the flames of fury by preparing for aerial war in Iran. But I warn them this: the brutal flames of war will not just be felt in Tehran. The safest option for all is that our troops leave Iraq and Afghanistan now in order to let the people of these countries decide their futures.
“I, and everyone at the impressively large meeting of Birmingham Stop the War Coalition call on the vocal majority that is against the war to continue winning the arguments. We demand that all Birmingham MPs and Councillors oppose existing and further wars. For some, we will have to find their backbone by hounding them into representing the views of their voters rather than their careers. The size of our movement gives us the chance, and responsibility, of preventing greater carnage committed in our name.”

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