Think -it’s not illegal yet

This was one of the slogans on the tee-shirt of one of the thousands of Americans who went to Capitol Hill to drum into the President that they do not want the ar in Iraq to continue, and they don’t like a lot of his other policies either. Others across the globe were encouraged to sign petitions of support, which I gladly did.
The Washington Post report said that there were no figures collected to say how many people had come. Some stayed to lobby senators. It looks as if there will be further challenges to Bush in the coming weeks, but he has already declared “I am the decision taker” (democratic license?) so it will be iteresting to see how much poert the neocons still hold. Quite a bit I suspect, just as Blair continues to rampage on the scene in his dying hours in office. Interestingly Gordon Brown had been distancing himself from Blair and Iraq in an interview p at long last.

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