Strangers in Paradise Circus

I managed to get to a preview of Banner Theatre’s latest production entitled “Strangers in Paradise Circus”. (19/1/2007). Although it’s about groups like the Kurdish people rather than for them, there were a number in the audience. The presentation involved a projection with comments responded to by the performers who were themselves from a number of different backgrounds. The material drew attention to the hardships imposed on people seeking asylum etc. It showed clearly the effects of homelessness and being without a job. One poignant moment was when a little girl spoke to her former classmates from Yarlswood Detention Centre. “No it wasn’t like detention at school” she said in answer to one of their questions. Go to see it of you can!
As with the Banner Theatre tradition hard social issues are confronted head on. It will be touring the country and their are two performances in Kings Norton in Birmingham, an area where there is currently a programme on dealing with racial harassment. The BNP have been active over recent years. A number of former Labour supporters moved in that direction I found when I interviewed them on the doorstep.

Banner Theatre’s programme can be found on their website.

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