Going to work. No problem?

Going to work shouldn’t be too much of a problem, although the traffic might be dreadful or the train cancelled. If you are Palestinian and work in Haifa, a once Palestinian coastal city, life is not so simple. You run the risk of being beaten up and arrested for your trouble.
The PNN News Network reports:
“Palestinian workers who comprise part of the low-wage Israeli labor force are subjected to brutality as they try to reach work, in their places of employment, and are often arrested.
Israeli police arrested 60 Palestinian workers on Saturday inside Israeli boundaries under the pretext of being there without permits. The workers were employed in the former Palestinian coastal city of Haifa. They were arrested, banned from work for one month, and fined 5,000 shekels. But first they were severely beaten.”

If you are an Israeli citizen but Arab, life in Haifa may not be so simple either as Uri Avnery points out in his column. Falling in love and marrying the wrong person can be problematic to say the least. Such is the inhumane treatment legalised by the Israeli Government for its citizens. (“What Makes Sammy Run?”)

But things are getting better, aren’t they. Olmert met Abbas to prove this, openly kissing him on both cheeks. Again Avnery comments with reference to another kiss: that of Judas to Jesus. (See “Kiss of Death”).

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