Black Patch Park

Black Patch Park is another example of green space up for grabs for development. It is within Sandwell Metropolitan District an the border with Birmingham’s Soho Ward. As this name implies it is an area of historic significance including Matthew Boulton’s foundry.
The name Black Patch has associations with the travelling community. I am a governor at nearby Foundry School where I also taught. Many children who came there were the children of travellers.
Sandwell Council sees the area ripe for development since the Metro between Wolverhampton and Birmingham runs nearby. The tram line runs along the route of the former railway so at present it is away from the main centre, the Soho and Holyhead Roads, since using the existing infrastructure reduced costs considerably.

Simon Baddeley sent me the following:
“This is a summary of the current situation regarding the Black Patch.”
Simon Baddeley
The Friends of Black Patch Park
Black Patch Park

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