Arms dealing at all costs

BAE is once again in the headline news. Following the report on the deal to Tanzania which was both costly and unnecessary, there is now great concern over the stopping of an enquiry into a deal with Saudi Arabia. Blair once again comes off very badly confirming him to be a war monger.
One aspect of the war in Iraq wa that it would bring huge business opportunities for U.S. companies. It was the U.S. that supplied the deadly cluster bombs used by Israel in the Lebanon. It was remarked that if the Israelis had used their own they would have been more reliable in detonating on contact rather than lie around killing and maiming civilians. It seems that BAE leaned on Blair with the argument that an enquiry would jeopardise important contracts. The argument used was that British national security would be put at risk. This was supported by Lord Goldsmith, but the Head of MI6 is now refusing to endorse this view.

Meanwhile in Iraq another writer speaks about the Iraqi government led by the occupying U.S. force, and backed by the IMF and UN, is preparing to take the control of oil out of Iraqi hands. Pretence of humanitarian interest disappeared out the window long since, and if it wasn’t clear before, the real reason for embarking on this catastrophic adventure is laid bare. As for the death toll and casualty list in Iraq, estimates rise higher and higher.
As for news from Palestine, homes in East Jerusalem are continuing to be demolished. What authority do Bush/Blair have in this matter? This follows Condoleeza Rice’s visit signalled as a request for peace.The silence is deafening.

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