Africa’s wealth – the Tanzania Radar scam

One way the so-called developed world can stay wealthy, and afford to pollute the planet as if there is no tomorrow, is to sell unnecessary things to those who can least afford it. Tanzania has been sold a military radar system which it doesn’t need at an inflated price. According to the Guardian lead article Blair supported while Clare Short and Gordon Brown opposed the deal.
“Yesterday’s admissions by the Tanzanian middleman, Sailesh Vithlani, led Ms Short to call for BAE’s prosecution if the allegations were proved. She said the prime minister had been personally responsible for forcing the licence for the Tanzania deal through the cabinet.
‘No 10 insisted on letting this go ahead, when it stank,’ she said. “It was always obvious that this useless project was corrupt. ‘ “

If what is said is true there is a difference between Brown and Blair. On many key issues there appears to be agreement, however, including the renewal of another expensive and unnecessary military obsolescence, Trident.

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