22,950 Iraqis died last year.

The death toll of Iraqis in 2006 has been estimated as 22,950, while the number of U.S. troops has reached 3,000 over the entire conflict. No wonder the author Baghdad Burning says all that matters now that they dodge bullets, car bombs and kidnappers. Reconstruction pales into insignificance if you can’t keep safe and secure.
Today in Iraq gives a blow by blow account of what’s happening as PNN records the Palestinian experience. Now both the United Nations and the European Union have called on Iraq not to go ahead with further hangings.
It seems doubtful if anyone will listen to reason, even though the execution of Saddam Hussain has been described as a lynching by his political opponents in a number of press articles.

Why Tony Blair has chosen to remain silent over what has happened is still puzzling. But he has remained silent on many issues such as the treatment of Palestinians by Israel.

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