Seasons Greetings from Handsworth

If recently Handsworth, Birmingham UK, has been associated with unrest and intercommunal strife, perhaps the following link will restore a balanced view. Simon Baddeley sent me Christmas greetings with this link.
St Mary’s Church can still be seen in a nidyllic setting from the recently restored Handsworth Park. Simon has written histories of both, and he frequently gives on site tours for those interested. The associations with Boulton and Watt are part of our nation’s history which had a profound influence worldwide.
Two people at least have proudly taken Handsworth into their titles as peers of the realm: the former Conservative MP for Handsworth, Sir Edward (Lord) Boyle and now Bill (Lord) Morris, just one of the many famous people who had their origins here.

Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and New Year, 2007!

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