Christmas story from Bethlehem, 2007

A resident of Bethlehem recalls Christmas past and present with the “little town” surrounded by a fence and wall, and settlements of newcomers.
A group of church leaders from the U.K., including the Archbishop of Canterbury, have pledged to be “a voice for the voiceless” following their visit yo Bethlehem. Speaking out has not been welcomed by the Foreign Office though and the Archbishop has been roundly condemned for his thoughts that British and American foreign policy have damaged relations between Muslims and Christians.
The more the majority of the American people, British people and world wide understand that Middle East policy is a terrible disaster, the more the blind leadership digs its heels in

Now Olmert and Abbas have met, with Israel offering to repay some outstanding money owed to Palestine. The condition attached is that Hamas, elected by the Palestinian people, is bypassed. Is this going to be a solution rather than promote a civil war?

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