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Beit Hanoun

Women, children, no one is spared in the Israeli incursion into Gaza. A Guardian report gives a graphic account of what happened to a 13 year old girl in her own home. Yesterday at least18 were killed by tank shells on homes.
The idea is to stop missiles being fired into Israel, but the anger that these incidents arouse appears to be strenthening resolve for more violence including suicide bombings and rocket attacks. Around 80 Palestinians have died in the Israeli operation, many of them have been civilians. In the latest attack most were women and children.

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Africa intends to benefit from the Diamond Trade

!2 diamond producing African countries met in Luanda, Angola’s capital, with observers from 7 others attending.
Although Africa produces 60% of the world’s diamonds. led by Botswana, control is another matter and there is a significant illicit trade.
“Manuel Africano, Angola’s mining minister, said that despite the large amount of diamonds produced in Africa, the continent ‘had no say in world diamond commerce strategies’.
Africano said Africa, which includes the world’s largest diamond producer Botswana, generated about $158 billion a year from the trade of 1.9 billion karats.
The diamond industry represents 33 per cent of Botswana’s gross domestic product, while Angola produces almost $1 billion worth of diamonds annually and aims to double its production in the next year.
Conflict diamonds have long fuelled African wars, with armed factions selling gems to raise funds for weapons.”

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