Beit Hanoun

Women, children, no one is spared in the Israeli incursion into Gaza. A Guardian report gives a graphic account of what happened to a 13 year old girl in her own home. Yesterday at least18 were killed by tank shells on homes.
The idea is to stop missiles being fired into Israel, but the anger that these incidents arouse appears to be strenthening resolve for more violence including suicide bombings and rocket attacks. Around 80 Palestinians have died in the Israeli operation, many of them have been civilians. In the latest attack most were women and children.

In US the Democrats have succeeded in taking the House of Representatives. The key reason is given as war and Iraq, but there remains an ominous silence over the Democrats position on Israel/Palestine. It has long be held that the key to peace in the Middle East and world wide lies here with Iraq being one of the consequences of failure to deal with this question.

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