Written out of history

The process of writing black people out of history goes on apace. We can see from the release of Clint Eastwood new film about Iwo Jima where it is impossible to pick out one African American. There were some 900 serving at the time who took part in this battle. Since there are living survivors they are able to give first had accounts of their experiences. This is included in the Guardian report. They speak of cameramen deliberately turning away from black troops.
The involvement of black people in history seems always to attract debate and be contested. “Out of Africa” was countered by “Not out of Africa”, African history itself has been questionned. The fact that black cowboys played an active role alongside their white counterpoints is well hidden. As a child I watched innumerable westerns but don’t remember African Americans featuring!

Five US presidents are said to have black ancestry, including Eisenhower, although nothing was said about this during their time in power.

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