Hungary’s Blair

The Hungarian P.M. appears to have come a cropper for telling lies leading up to thie spring elections. Sound familiar? I was in Budapest the week prior to voting, and comments I heard then mentioned the arrogance of the candidate! One aspect of this was his picture covering the whole face of a tower block.
Hungarians will not stand for any nonsense as those who remember the 1956 resistance to Soviet power. Now in front of parliament there is a flag with a hole where the reminder of earlier domination has been removed.

As it happens it seems that Tony Blair happily endorsed Ferenc Gyurcsany who he has known over the past few years, regularly meeting with “left of centre”, “socialist” leaders in Budapest. Gyurcsany, who openly admitted lying, says he will not stand down. And where have we heard that before?

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  1. Metin

    thanks for that link. I formed the same iimpessron as you and the ET person. The Pm recognised that he could do nothing and pretend while the country went down the tubes or come clean. It is to his credit that he has come clean and it would given the speed that the speech was on his blog he seems prepared to weather the storm. Orban is competent and has been vilified far more than he deserved.My report suggested that whilst there were skinheads in the crowd they were not the bulk of them and the protestors were predominantly young and looked educated rather than thugs. But your point stands. I think the latest private affairs storm will have cemented things in New Zealand as a cold civil war till Clark leaves politics. Having talked to a number of people (including green candidates) my iimpessron is that Clark’s only salvation at the next election is to come clean soon and admit she is human and made a mistake. I very much doubt she has that strength of character and attribute an enornmous amount of the polarisation of new zealand politics to her and those around her. Labour lost in 1990, National did not win. Hell I voted for Labour in 87 and you know my politics. The parallels between NZ and Hungary are definitely there. It is interesting in the UK that Cameron will win the next election by becoming Blair.Hungary’s basic problem is that nobody pays any tax and everybody who gets the chance steals from the government/taxpayer. so tax rates have to be too high and those parts of the economy that cannot escape tax pay too much of the burden.


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